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Masterclip Cordless Outback Clipper. Heavy duty cordless clipper. Comes with 1 set of dagging blades. Suitable for backs, tails and bellies on dirty cattle. Ideal for dagging or shearing on small or large flocks. Includes two fast charge rechargeable li-ion batteries. Run time approximately 2 hours per battery. Charge time approximately 2.5 hours per battery. …

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Masterclip HD Roamer Cordless Clipper with Livestock blade. HD Roamer cordless sheep clipper. Comes with A2 head and Livestock blade. Suitable for light shearing on sheep and dirty cattle. Comes with two Li-ion rechargeable batteries. Run time approximately 1 hour per battery. Comes with one set of livestock blades. Masterclip A2 blades are compatible with …

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