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LF390QE-PRO 13HP eLectric START ENGINE. Our pro-series engines are based on the original Honda GX390 design but come with extra features and enhancements for heavy duty industrial users. Anyone using a GX340/390 or Chinese engine on. High vibration machinery, dusty environments or finds that parts of their engine break and snap from constant use should …

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LF690F 24HP V-TWIN ENGINE. All mounting points and dimensions are identical to a Honda. This is a large engine designed for commercial use. Such as industrial lawnmowers and pressure washers. Available in a 1 Shaft. Measure your existing engines shaft with digital callipers if you are unsure of the fitting you need. AL; B; BA; …

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LF420QE 15HP ELECTRIC START ENGINE. Direct replacement engine for Honda GX390 by Lifan. All mounting points and dimensions are identical to a Honda but our engine has more power than the original. Always measure your shaft with digital calipers before ordering to make sure you get the right model as this comes in both metric …

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