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FEED MILL GRINDER / CORN GRAIN OATS WHEAT CRUSHER / Hay and Straw grinder 1700W / hour 220V-240V. Chopper feed (shredder) Elikor-1 model 5 Grinds root crops, grain. The feed grinder operates in the temperature range from -25 to + 40. Grain crusher “Elikor-1″ version 5 is intended for grinding grain, cobs of corn, hay …

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Wile 27 Bale Moisture Meter. All in one unit with digital display. For measuring hay, straw and silage. The Wile 27 is a moisture meter for hay bales, straw and drying silos – It can also be used to determine the moisture content of silage fodder and silage. Simple operation – Wide range of applications. …

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The benefits of a strawbale house have now been made available to the leisure industry, introducing the first straw bale Glamping pod onto the market. This pod is a ready made demonstration model constructed for marketing purposes, brand new and un used. Weve strived to create a glamping experience that includes everything needed for a …

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