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Crop sprayer TL206 for compact tractor, tractor. FITTING TO STANDARD CAT 1 AND CAT 2 – 3 POINT HITC H. Hand lance with 7m hose. Hand wash tank. Triple jet nozzles. Lenght 1.20m. Width 1.65m. High 1.25m. Pump P60 TAD-LEN 60l/min. The price is subject to 20% VAT. CE Declaration of Conformity. The item “Crop …

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BRAND NEW SPRAYER TL206 WITH HAND LANCE FOR ANY COMPACT TRACTORS and TRACTORS. Include: Hand Wash tank, Hand lance, Triple jet holder. FITTING TO STANDARD CAT 1 and CAT 2 – 3 POINT HITCH. Transport dimensions: – length. Pressure on the hook. Nominal capacity of the main tank. Working width – boom. Lifting range of …

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